I am very easily caught up in waves of desire. I think it’s some sort of defense mechanism for my brain-a welcomed diversion from whatever I’m trying to avoid in my life. If it were the feeling of desire alone, I could easily deal with it-physiologically, it’s a heightening of senses-an increase in the … Continue reading


If you know me, you know I can seem unpredictable. The truth is, though, that I am extremely predictable-it’s just that certain tendencies of mine last longer than others-and you have to stick around long enough to figure out that I’m constantly coming around to the place where I started. I stay in certain places … Continue reading

Reality Check (rated R)

Disclaimer-these thoughts contain certain expletives or alluded expletives that may be considered inappropriate for certain readers. Grown-ups only please.   When I experience affliction, discomfort, pain, heartbreak, etc, my first knee jerk reaction is to numb the feelings-to replace that sense of heavy, searing loss with something else. The problem with this, though, is then … Continue reading

I am the Fertility Goddess

So everyone I know is pregnant…About 6 different ladies that I work with…My sister…The wife of a guy friend I work with…Even my best friend who gave birth 9 months ago is due again in February…and the only common denominator I can identify between all these people is me.  So I’m starting to think that … Continue reading

Hello and Welcome…

Since I’ve been blogging for quite some time now in forums such as myspace, etc, I thought I’d make it official and finally begin the transition to WordPress.  Thanks for stopping by and checking it out. If you want to know a little more about me, then click on the “About Me” section at the top … Continue reading

Pink vs. Progress

10/21/08 A word about progress: I’m starting to remember process is the whole point. It’s really not about where we end up because if we were to come upon that place, we would simply be left with the thought of where to go next? It’s never over.  But it makes me sad to think that … Continue reading

Preferred Insanity

9/25/08      I’ve been thinking about mental illnesses and the people we write off as being crazy.  I think that often, we embody many of the qualities of those we label “insane” but in more manageable doses. And I wonder sometimes, if the insane actually have it right. For instance, we all have the … Continue reading

THEY (might really be me)

I realize that I’m always trying to get somewhere:  I’m trying to open a store, I’d like to get a raise, I want to have a baby, It’d be nice to pay off my house, I want to be more spiritual, I can’t wait to retire, just two more hours of work and then I can go home, I … Continue reading